About Me

You know what not even the photographers kids behave for the camera....
I love this photograph anyway because this is my family.


(by the way that is me, the short one with the long dress) 

All these amazing humans moved out of home so rather than putting our feet up and relaxing and we bought a farm. We grow our own veggies, our chooks give us eat fresh eggs everyday and we have the fluffiest cows around. You should see them!


I love my family. I love coffee, I love Summer and I really love to take photos.


So that's a little bit about me. Now it's your turn. 

I want to tell that story that is yours, the love that you have for each other, for your children and for your family.

I want to see who you really are and I want you to have fun doing it.

I don't want perfection I want reality. 


What are you waiting for? give me a call or send me a message.

Let's have a coffee and set up a time to tell your story. 


Nathalie xx


Tel: 0414 232 931

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