Your baby's birth story is as unique and it only happens once. 

What I love about capturing a birth story is that it stops time. It means that you can go back and look at the story that is the birth of your baby.

You can see the determination in your face as you focused on the birth.. You can see the things that were happening around you at the time.

You can see the reactions on your loved ones faces as they see your baby for the first time. 

This will be the first time your partner meet and hold their new son or daughter. They won't have had the last nine months to bond with their child as you have. Photographs capture these moments forever. 




On-call availability from 38 weeks until your baby is born.

Photography coverage from the time you are in established labour until 1-2 hours after you deliver your baby. 

All edited high resolution digital images on a USB.

30 6x4 printed images so you can start your baby's album.

Tel: 0414 232 931

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