Commonly Asked Questions 

1.  What is birth photography? 

Birth Photography tells the whole story of your baby's birth. Your strength and power birthing your baby. The support and care of your birthing partner. Little things that as a woman deeply focused on birthing will not see or remember happening. The relief and complete empowerment once you have birthed your baby. The total joy and love of holding your baby for the first time.

2.  Will we meet before the birth?

YES. Birthing your baby is such an intimate time. It is really important that we get to know each other and that we are comfortable with each other before the day. I also like to keep in touch up until the day you go into labour. 

3.  How long will you stay? What if I have a long labour? 

This is really hard to determine especially since each birth is different. I will come when you are in established labour (about 5-6cm dilated) and will stay until about 2 hours after baby is born. 

4.  When do I call you? 

Please call me as soon as you THINK you may be in labour so that I can begin to make plans to be there. Even if it is 2.00am. Even if it is a false alarm. I would much rather be ready than to miss your baby's arrival. When you are in confirmed active labour I will start making my way to wherever you are birthing your baby. 


5.  What if you miss the birth?

This can happen. Some baby's are in such a hurry to arrive that it takes everyone by surprise and sometimes there are emergencies that would prevent me from being in the room with you. I will make every arrangement possible to make sure that I am available to be with you but if for some reason I am not able to attend I will arrive as soon as I possibly can after your baby's birth to take the fresh newborn photos. 


6. What if I have caesarean? 

I have attended quite a few cesarean's now and they are just as amazing as a natural birth. You will need to ask permission from your obstetrician for me to be in the operating theatre with you. Most obstetricians are really happy for me to be there. 

7. There are certain things that I don't want you to photograph. Is that ok? 

Yes absolutely. When we meet we can talk about what you would and wouldn't like me to photograph. 


8. Will you post photos on the internet. 

Yes I do post photos on the internet. I will however only post images if I have your permission to do so. As a photographer my main form of advertising is being able to show potential clients my most recent work.

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